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John Adams

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United States House of Representatives,
Third District of Ohio

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Columbus Dispatch

This "Letter to the Editor" was published in the "Columbus Dispatch" on August 3, 2016: 

                                                    Heroin Problem Too Big to Ignore

"At the Greater Columbus Convention Center on Monday (August 1st), Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talked about heroin, how it is killing kids across the country, and how it is coming across our southern border. Not only are our kids dying, but their parents are suffering a major loss in their life; they cannot replace their kids. On Sept. 4, 2015, I was interviewed by four reporters at The Dispatch along with my Democratic political opponent, U.S. Rep. Joyce Beatty of Columbus.

She was not concerned about our open border, saying that it does not affect the people in central Ohio. How in the world does she think heroin gets into central Ohio?

I wish Beatty would talk to all of those parents in the Columbus area who have lost their kids to heroin. She has no clue. Build the darned wall."

John Adams


Addendum, September 22, 2016:

The latest report indicates that 580 Americans will try heroin for the first time today. And then tomorrow. And then.........


When I was at the interview with my political opponent Joyce Beatty at the Columbus Dispatch 2 years ago, I was shocked at her response to the question posed. Reflecting upon her response, it was consistent with Obama's, Hillary's and the Democrat Party’s position of open borders. They want to flood our nation with as many illegals as possible.

They wrongly believe that it is a greater good to permit illegals to enter the U.S., than to concern themselves about the smuggled heroin, which is killing our own citizens.  Of course, they also hope that these illegals will be future Democrat voters. Whatever their motivation, we Americans, all of us, Black and White, must be protected first against this plague of heroin which is killing so many.