For Our Children
John Adams

Republican Nominee for the
United States House of Representatives,
Third District of Ohio

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Illegal Immigration


People from other nations are illegally crossing our borders bringing their problems with them for our nation to address. Some are criminals who traffic in drugs; some are murderers and others are sexual predators.

Also, “Sanctuary Cities” allow for the protection of illegal immigrants from being deported to their home country.

On September 4, 2014, as a Congressional candidate, I was interviewed by four reporters from the Columbus Dispatch, in which my political opponent, Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, was present. We were asked about illegal immigration across our southern border. I answered the question with the action that I have noted below. Mrs. Beatty stated that it was not an issue that people in the Columbus area were concerned about, so she had no solution to the problem. I wish that she would say that to the parents, relatives and friends of our fellow citizens, who have succumbed to the use of cocaine and heroin. Mrs. Beatty should tell them that their loved ones’ deaths were not an issue to her. How in the world does Mrs. Beatty believe that these deadly drugs get into all parts of the United States, including the Columbus, Ohio area?  


Our nation must be able to control our borders, so that we can have a method of offering legal immigration into our nation. I will propose that Congress establish an initial project fund of 10 (Ten) Billion dollars in order to secure our southern border with Mexico. I will propose also that the United States impose a tariff on all Mexican products imported into the United States. That tariff will be used to pay for the construction of the barriers between the United States and Mexico.

I would also propose legislation and the financial resources necessary to return the hundreds of thousands of non-violent criminals, that we currently have incarcerated, to their home countries. We should keep the violent criminals incarcerated here in America.  

In order to deal with the millions of illegal immigrants who are now living in our country, I do not favor mass deportation as being impractical. I also do no favor amnesty. It would be wrong to grant those people amnesty, considering the millions of immigrants who came to America legally and who have become legal citizens. I would support a policy that would grant these people the status as a guest worker, allowing them to come and go across our border and be monitored by an “E-verify” system.

I would also propose Congressional legislation to abolish “Sanctuary Cities.”  
My Democrat opponent will not support this legislative action