For Our Children
John Adams

Republican Nominee for the
United States House of Representatives,
Third District of Ohio

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Independent Voters

Independent voters will determine the outcome of the November Election for who represents them in the Third Congressional District of Ohio (Columbus Area).

Independents represent 71% of the voters in the Third Congressional District. There are 11% Republicans and 17% Democrats registered in the Third District. Therefore, the Independent voters will be the dominant voting block, who will elect their representative to Congress.

The number one reason that voters choose to be Independent is because they do not like political candidates, like Joyce Beatty, who are backed by Special Money Interests, Lobbyists and Wall Street Interests.  

There are two Congressional candidates on the ballot this November, one is the Republican candidate, myself, John Adams, and the other is the Special Interest Democrat candidate, Joyce Beatty.

As for me, I have not, nor will I accept political contributions from special interests, political action committees, lobbyists, nor Wall Street money interests.  On the other hand, my political opponent, Joyce Beatty, is totally funded by these special interest groups, lobbyists and Wall Street interests. Joyce Beatty represents them, not you.

Please access my “Special Interest” page on my website for exactly who Joyce Beatty represents. Those Special Interests want something from Joyce Beatty for their money, which is their interest, not yours, the Independent voter.

If you help to elect me, I will go to Washington to represent you, not the Special Interests, lobbyists, nor Wall Street Interests.