For Our Children
John Adams

Republican Nominee for the
United States House of Representatives,
Third District of Ohio

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National Defense


Our armed forces have been substantially reduced over the last 7 years to levels not seen since before World War II.  This action has reduced what used to be the world’s strongest national defense. Our enemies do not fear us and our allies do not trust us.


I will propose in Congress to increase defense spending by 10% for the next two years that would begin to rebuild our armed forces with the newest technologies, including the increase in personnel to deter any threat to our nation.

I will propose that all United States armed forces' Generals, Admirals, officers and enlisted men and women, who were run out of our armed forces by the Obama Administration, be offered to be re-instated into our armed forces.
I will propose increased funding for our veterans by at least 10% to ensure that they have the world’s finest medical care. In the proposal I would propose that any United States veteran be granted healthcare at any facility and by any doctor.

My Democrat opponent will not support this legislative action.