For Our Children
John Adams

Republican Nominee for the
United States House of Representatives,
Third District of Ohio

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Facebook: John Adams For Congress

Policy Differences




                                  John Adams     vs.         Joyce Beatty
                                                                            (who supports Hillary Clinton's policies)

 Special Interests:             Oppose.                                 Both Joyce Beatty and 
                                                                                     Hillary Clinton are bought 
                                                                                     and paid for with
                                                                                     Special Interest money.

Campaign financing:      Eliminate Super PACS.        Supports Super PACS.

Second Amendment:       Protect.                                  Confiscate guns. Abolish
                                                                                          our Second Amendment.

Borders:                           Close.                                      Open.

Illegal immigration:        Oppose.                                  Supports.

Illegal Drugs:                   Stop the                                  Keep border open that keeps 
importation                              heroin and cocaine flowing 
                                            of cocaine                                 into our nation, killing our youth.
                                        and heroin                   
                                            by closing 
                                            our southern 

Amnesty for illegals:      Oppose.                                   Supports.

Law and Order:             Support police.                      Do not support police. 


National Defense:            Strengthen.                               Weaken.

Offer to re-instate all      Propose legislation                   Not interested.
personnel run out 
of our armed forces
by the Obama Admin.  

ISIS:                                 Declare war;                             No coherent strategy.
                                          kill or capture them. 

Iran Nuke deal:             Scrap it.                                   Supports nuke deal and Iranian
                                                                                          state-sponsored terrorism.

Veterans:                       Support.                                  Oppose.

Free Market:                 Support.                                  Oppose.

Trade:                            Protect American                   No change; keep killing                                   
                                        workers.                                  American jobs.   

Taxes:                             Reduce personal                     Increase all taxes.
and corporate

Obamacare:                    Eliminate.                                 Expand to single payer; 
                                                                                            total government control.

Coal Industry:                 Support.                                   Close.

Energy:                           Support the use of                 Eliminate the use of
                                         fossil fuels.                              fossil fuels, oil and coal.  

Planned Parenthood:      Shut down.                            Supports.

(I oppose the funding of PP that would stop taxpayer funding of abortions, the selling of baby body parts and the use of taxpayer money by PP to fund Democrat candidates. Both Joyce Beatty and Hillary Clinton support the $500 million dollars per year of taxpayers' funding of PP. I propose shifting taxpayer money to women's health clinics all over America. )   
Abortion:                        It is a States' rights                Supports abortion at any time
                                         issue. The people in               for any reason, using taxpayers'  
                                         each state should                   money.
                                         decide the issue.  

Common Core:              Shut it down.                          Supports.

Privacy:                          Protect.                                   Allow government intrusion.

Religious Liberty:          Protect.                                   Force people of faith to
                                                                                         violate their conscience. 

Corruption:                    Against.                                   Both Joyce Beatty and
                                                                                          Hillary Clinton have "gamed"
                                                                                          the taxpayers to enrich
                                                                                          themselves personally.