For Our Children
John Adams

Republican Nominee for the
United States House of Representatives,
Third District of Ohio

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Presidential Endorsement

Like many other American citizens, I believe that most of the American main stream media, political pundits, special interests, Washington lobbyists and many of our elected officials do not fully understand what is happening to our nation.  I believe that they do not fully comprehend that we are losing our nation, our economy, our borders, our national defense, our American culture and our freedom.

Currently, we do not have any discernible foreign policy, which has led to the emergence of ISIS and their brutality. The political establishment does not understand this; they are more interested in being re-elected, maintaining their political careers and the political status quo.

I believe that our nation is so close to losing everything that our ancestors have worked so hard and fought for, for over 240 years.

Unbelievably, we have Democrats, who, to this day, profess a 19th  century failed political and economic system that has never worked in any nation where it has ever been forced upon their citizens.  

There is one political candidate who is standing up to the enemies of freedom and that man is Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is self-funding his campaign. He is not accepting contributions from special money interests, Washington lobbyists, PACs, nor Super PACs. He is beholden to no one, other than to, “We, the People.”   

Mr. Trump wants to represent the people; he is not a typical politician, who takes money from contributors and donors, goes to Washington and then acts as a “moneychanger” for special interests.

A friend of mine states his support for Mr. Trump this way:

“The media blames the success of Trump on the “angry” Americans, when in fact, what Americans are looking for is leadership; someone from outside the Washington political establishment, who is willing to go to bat for Americans and who can lead without the crutches of political corruption.”

My friend is correct, in that our nation needs new leadership. We need a leader, not a manager, nor an administrator, someone who would simply manage the decline and fall of the greatest nation on Earth. We need a bold leader, who is a problem solver, who can identify problems and offer solutions and represent, “We, the People.” 

America is blessed with a man like Donald Trump, who in some ways  is like our Founding Fathers. In a sense he is like them, who risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish the greatest nation on Earth, with the fundamental principle that our nation would protect freedom and liberty for all.

Donald Trump is not the perfect candidate; we will never find the perfect candidate for any political office. Mr. Trump in many ways is like us, imperfect, yet he loves America, the greatest nation on Earth and all he wishes to do is to serve and protect the American people.

Having stated this, I am honored to endorse Mr. Donald J. Trump  for  President of the United States.

John Adams

January 28, 2016