For Our Children
John Adams

Republican Nominee for the
United States House of Representatives,
Third District of Ohio

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Religious Liberty

United States Federal Law prevents members of the clergy from speaking out against family issues of faith, such as abortion, same-sex marriage or religious liberty.

According to the Johnson Amendment of 1954, the IRS can punish places of worship, members of the clergy and non-profits with the loss of tax exemptions. This effectively restricts the freedom of speech for members of the clergy.

This past October the 2nd was “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” in which the clergy was encouraged to restore their right to speak freely from the pulpit, without fearing government censorship or punishment.

I believe that the clergy has a Biblical responsibility to speak to their congregation and to help them understand today’s moral issues as revealed by scripture.

My Democrat political opponent, Joyce Beatty, supports the Johnson Amendment, because of her support of abortion upon demand, her support for same-sex marriage and her restriction of religious freedom. 

As for me, if I am elected to represent you in Congress, I will propose and support legislation that will repeal the Johnson Amendment that will allow members of the clergy the freedom to speak as clearly as you and I about the great issues of our day.