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Veterans Administration

                                              Posted on Veterans Day, November 11, 2015

         In honor of all American men and women who have served the greatest nation on Earth.

President Obama is also the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.  He has ordered our armed forces to go into battle to defend our American freedom and our liberty.

Sadly, he has turned his back on our veterans, who have returned from battle, who need both physical and mental health care.

As a veteran of the United States Air Force, I have a very special understanding of the needs of my fellow veterans, unlike President Obama and my Democrat political opponent.

Over the years I have used the healthcare services at the Chalmers P. Wylie Veterans Clinic on James Road in Columbus. I have been provided excellent service at the Clinic, but it disturbs me that my fellow veterans in other parts of our nation are not getting proper health care. 



Here is what I have gathered in my research:

Our military veterans are not receiving the healthcare that they need and deserve.

Many of them have had to wait months to see a doctor.

President Obama has been drastically cutting the Federal budget for the Veterans Administration.

Most recently President Obama has transferred billions of dollars from the Veterans Administration to assist Syrians immigrating to America. BILLIONS!


Over 307,000 veterans have already died waiting for care.

Over 250,000 veterans have now been put on a “death list.”

This is an abomination that President Obama is neglecting the healthcare for our American men and women veterans, who have sacrificed their physical and mental health, so that all of us can live in freedom and liberty. There is something terribly wrong with President Obama’s lack of leadership and thinking.


Once a new Republican President is elected next year and if I am elected to Congress, I will take the lead and make the following proposals:

I will propose that the current incompetent administrators in the Veterans Administration be fired and replaced with competent administrators.

I will propose increased funding for the Veteran’s Administration that would guarantee great health care at the current facilities nationwide and also to provide healthcare for veterans who live in rural areas. Instead of building and staffing costly new VA hospitals, I would propose the use of a VA health card that any veteran could use at any qualified hospital or health facility in our nation.  

Our veterans should receive health care for, not only their physical needs, but also for their mental health needs.

Our women veterans should have easy access to health care that addresses specific women’s health issues.

I will also push to end waste, fraud and abuse within the Veterans Administration.

My Democrat opponent will not support this legislative action.