For Our Children
John Adams

Republican Nominee for the
United States House of Representatives,
Third District of Ohio

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Your Energy Costs


I believe that the energy costs for you and other Americans are artificially high, which is caused by the excessive regulation by the Federal government. Your costs for electricity, natural gas and the price that you pay for gasoline at the pump forces you to pay more than what is necessary.




I will propose legislation in Congress to allow the building of the Keystone Pipeline and also encourage the building of new oil refineries. (The last complex refinery with significant downstream unit capacity began operating in 1977 in Garyville, Louisiana.) 

I would also propose legislation that would remove the extreme regulations that have decimated our coal and nuclear energy industries.

In addition, I will propose the necessary funding to protect our nation’s electrical energy grid from the threats of electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), that could destroy our use of electricity.

These actions will increase our domestic production of energy, protect and stabilize our energy supply, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and lower your cost for gasoline, electricity and natural gas.

My Democrat opponent will not support this legislative action.