CHRISTIAN PRAYER TO SAVE AMERICA In an astonishing analysis of the 2018 midterm elections, Pew Research demonstrated that about 45% of all Christians voted for the Democrat candidates. This is astonishing because of the immoral issues that the Democrats espouse, such as abortion, same-sex marriage and restrictions on religious liberty. If more Christians would vote their Christian values, then Republicans would get elected. Christians could effectively sweep the atheist, socialist Democrat/Socialist Party out of office. It is not up to the individual Christian to implore their fellow Christians to vote for Christian values. The action to take is for Christians to pray to God that He will intervene into the soul of each and every Christian inspiring them to vote their Christian conscience. Therefore, please consider praying this following prayer: “Dear Lord, our Heavenly Father, Who has created all that is seen and unseen, please hear this prayer: America is under attack from within by people who are followers of the evil one. The evil one has deluded many, many Americans, including many who call themselves Christians, and is misleading them to their destruction, the destruction of their families and to the destruction of America. The evil one has convinced many Americans: That it is alright to destroy human life in the womb. That same-sex marriage is acceptable in Your Eyes. That religious freedom should be restricted. That certain political parties are right by denying Your existence. Please pour out your Spirit on all Americans all over this land, convincing them of their need for You and guide them away from these evil lies and to Your Truth and to discern and vote for only those candidates who support Your Truth. In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, please hear this prayer. Amen"


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